Take your pick: likable Laura or nasty Nellie


littlehouse2.jpgThe Little House on the Prairie novel series turns 75 this month and is getting a facelift. Fearing that the classic Garth Williams illustrations (he also did Charlotte’s Web) are too old-fashioned to entice young readers, HarperCollins is replacing them with photos of half-pint models instead.

They have yet to update the look of their “Come Home to Little House” Web site, where you can “enter Laura’s world” and, say, get her recipes for “snow candy” and “Almanzo’s pancakes.”

But if your tastes run more to the deliciously wicked, visit “The Official Alison Arngrim: Confessions of a Prairie Bitch” Web site. Arngrim played Nellie Oleson on the TV version of Little House, and Confessions is her one-woman stage show.

On this site you can play the “Don’t Mess With Nellie” game: “Bandits are trying to kidnap our hero. Help the meanest little girl in the West beat the tar out of those dirty desperados!” And you can order this lovely pop art piece:


Arngrim also runs four-hour private tours of Hollywood … for $3,000! Hmm, sounds like Nellie is still a bully.

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