TV Alert: Robin and Lily suit up on “How I Met Your Mother”


If you’re a How I Met Your Mother fan, you already know that tonight is the show’s 100th episode. And if you read our brother site,, you know that the episode, “Girls vs. Suits,” puts Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney, front and center.

But peeking cutely over Barney’s shoulders are two very good reasons why readers might want to tune in: Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan — in suits.

That, my friends, is legendary.

Tonight’s story of Barney’s struggle with a decision to give up “suiting up” for the sake of a woman culminates in a big musical finale. NPH provides the main vocals, but the rest of the cast joins in as well.

Hannigan, who asked Joss Whedon not to give her a solo in the awesome Buffy musical episode, “Once More With Feeling,” told reporters that she is not nearly as nervous about singing now. “Well you know, had I known the magic that can happen in the recording studio back with the Buffy musical, I probably would have been a little more ambitious and said, ‘Okay Joss, you can write a song for me…’ But then I feel like I got just the one line and I did a really bad job on the one line, so it’s probably better that he didn’t. We’ll see… I have this head [cold] thing going on today, and I’m supposed to record today. But maybe it will make me sound better! Like a sexy voice! So we’ll see.”

Here’s a preview:

Will you be watching HIMYM tonight?

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