“Three Rivers” ends its run, so we cast Kate Moennig elsewhere


Oh Kate, Kate. We knew this was coming when the hiatus of undetermined length was announced. But now CBS has made it official: Kate Moennig’s medical drama Three Rivers is officially dead.

The show was pulled from the lineup in December and yesterday at CBS Entertainment Chief Nina Tassler told reporters at the TCA: “We all know that when something is ‘on hiatus’ it’s code for something else.” That code meaning canceled. She went on to say “We were very proud of that show. Not too often do you get mail that lets you know as a network that eight lives were saved because of an organ donation program they learned about on our show.”

No word on when or if the final five episodes of the show’s filmed 13 will air. But now that Kate is a member of the unemployed masses, might we suggest a few shows she might find gainful temporary (or permanent) employment? Hey, a gal’s got to eat. And we’ve got to have Kate on our TVs.

Grey’s Anatomy: We already know she looks great in scrubs.

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover: Playing a hairstylist on TV totally makes you qualified to judge them in real life.

Desperate Housewives: Remember when Shane made out with all the bridesmaids? Like that, but with housewives.

Modern Family: Because the only thing this family is missing is a sexy androgynous second cousin twice removed.

So, will you miss Three Rivers? And what would you like to see Kate do next?

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