Interview with Christine Woods of “FlashForward”


The ABC drama FlashForward came as pleasant surprise in 2009, as one of the main characters, FBI agent Janis Hawk (played by Christine Woods), was revealed to be a lesbian early on in the series.

In only the fourth episode, Janis went on a romantic date with chef Maya (played by Numb3rs star Navi Rawat). While the romance showed promise (as well as a fair amount of physical intimacy), Janis was upset when she learned that Maya had been snooping around in the Mosaic database for information on her flashforward. Janis subsequently bailed on their date and, ostensibly, their budding relationship.

Since then, Janis Hawk has weathered her share of trials, including being attacked, getting shot, resigning from the FBI and having that resignation rejected by her boss. But there’s still a lot we don’t know about Janis, including the details surrounding her mysterious pregnancy, which was revealed in her flashforward experience.

Because the show is on hold for now (it will resume March 18), we’ll have to wait a bit longer to learn more about her. In the meantime, editor Michael Jensen spoke to Christine Woods on our behalf at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Tour in Los Angeles this week, and asked her to give us some hints as to what might be coming up on the show and how Janis’s love life might be shaping up. What more can we expect to see between Janis and Maya?

Christine Woods:
I  know that we may or may not see Maya again, but it’s definitely not the end of the road for Janis’s romantic relationships. She has a couple of romantic inquiries, if you will, that come back. Her dating and finding love is still very much on the table.

AE: Can you elaborate on either?

All I can say is that we will see her looking for the right person. She will be dating, trying to meet people, and there will be romance for her.

AE: Do you know if, by the end of the season, one of those will potentially turn into something more long-term?

Yes, that is definitely a possibility.

AE: Are we going to see Maya at all? Is Janis going to forgive her for searching for her flashforward?

She might be back, I don’t really know if she’s going to be back for certain. But there is also potential for Janis to not just have one person in her life romantically. She could have more than one.

AE: Her sexuality isn’t in flux or anything? She’s a lesbian?

One hundred percent lesbian.

AE: Is she ever going to come out to her co-workers?

It is, I think at some point, revealed that they might have already known. So there’s not a big to-do, there’s not a big reveal. We come to find out that it’s already been common knowledge for them.

AE: So just a total non-issue, just as one would expect from that level of people?


AE: Are we going to get more information on how Janis became pregnant?

Oh yeah. (Laughs) And let me say this, we may not have met the person she gets pregnant with. It might not be a person, there’s so many different … at one point it might be like, “Gosh, is it that person or that person?” But we will find out who it is.

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