Maybe this could be Michelle Rodriguez’s next gig


screenshot11.jpegOxygen is developing a reality show about female boxers. It’s called Fight Girls and is set to premiere in August.

Oxygen’s newest original special centers on seven tough female fighters who will attempt the impossible — beat the best female fighters in the world in a battle for the World Championship belt in Muay Thai — also known as Thai Boxing, the historic national sport of Thailand. The “fight girls” are seven talented female fighters from all over the United States who are chosen to come to Las Vegas and train in the ancient art with Muay Thai guru Master Toddy. But only three will reach the ultimate goal of traveling to Thailand to fight for the championship against the best fighters on earth. Fight Girls follows the women through six weeks of training and fights, and chronicles their experiences inside and outside of the gym.

Check out the preview and meet the cast on the Fight Girls web page. The site also offers self-defense tips, complete with a Xena video clip. Because all you really need to protect yourself is a good roundhouse kick and a chakram.

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