“Dollhouse” begins the end of the world, and show, as we know it


It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I’m feeling anything but fine. Dollhouse returns tonight for the first of its three final episodes. And holy word we can’t publish on this all-ages site, this show is going out with a bang.

I think I can speak for everyone who has been watching these last, spectacular few episodes when I say the show has become truly mind blowing. Echo’s self realization, Rossum’s true intentions, the freaking apocalypse. It’s all amazing and a reminder that good is a gift, however long it lasts. So what can we expect now in the show’s final stretch?

[Spoiler Alert: Promo pictures and plot synopses ahead, but who are we kidding — Joss is going to surprise the pants off of us anyway so go ahead and take a peek.]

Tonight’s episode, “Getting Closer,” features the return of Summer Glau, Amy Acker and Miracle Laurie. I’d call that a hat trick. Topher tries reconstruct Echo’s (Eliza Dushku) original personality and memories from Caroline after Adelle realizes they are the key to adverting that whole apocalypse thing. Also, Echo and Bennett’s shared past and the identity of the Rossum’s Corpration’s mysterious leader are revealed.

Then on Jan. 15, the penultimate episode “The Hollow Man” the official synopsis says “Sacrifices are made when Echo leads her crew to Arizona to dismantle the Rossum Corporation’s mainframe.” Those sacrifices apparently involve Echo in some sort of extreme back support contraption — or at least that’s what it looks like.

And then on Jan. 22 the end arrives with “Epitaph 2: Return.” The series finale picks up where the first season’s bonus episode, “Epitaph 1” left off. It’s now 2020 and Echo and her fellow Dollhouse survivors attempt to — what else — save the world after Rossum brings about technological Armageddon.

Also, in the last three episodes expect kissing:


Conspiratorial huddling:

And the return of what we can presume is more than just the back of Felicia Day’s head:

Given series mastermind Joss Whedon’s love for apocalyptic exits, I expect nothing less with Dollhouse. The only question that remains is that when it’s all said and done, will we be able to say “Echo: She saved the world, with a lot of personalities.”

Are you excited? Are you blown away? Can you believe it’s almost over? Discuss.