RachelWatch: The Scariest Bow Tie You’ll See All Year


Today: Rachel interviews Family member Bob Hunter and reveals a truly bad-ass airport security test.

Looking Back in Anger

Rachel led off with President Obama’s address on the intelligence failures that led to the attempted underpants bombing on Christmas Day.

She then whipped out her double-barreled angry logic shotgun and blasted several large holes in the conservative premise that the Bush administration should be our model for dealing with terrorism.

Or that they were anything other than terrified and barely competent.

Rachel’s arguments against profiling and saber-rattling are a well-ordered pile of awesome.

In the Family

Years ago, I took some martial arts classes. One of the instructor’s bits of advice was that if you’re in a bad situation, it can’t hurt to act like you might be unhinged, because maybe the other person will be unnerved enough to just go away.

I wondered during this interview whether Bob Hunter took the same class.

It’s a frustrating clip. Rachel is, as always, self-possessed and fair, but she’s also, as always, very polite.

This feels like the Family threw in someone with enough Old Guy in him to keep the ever-courteous Rachel from really hammering him and then coached him to start throwing accusations and defenses in every possible direction at once.

It’s like she’s trying to interview a crotchety pufferfish.

So, to sum up, The Family has 10,000 “affiliates” but no members and does not engage in politics even though they specifically court men with political power and then use that power to influence both national and international law.

For the record, Jeff Sharlet takes issue with Hunter’s statements. His Twitter feed got very interesting after the show aired. I have a feeling he’ll be making a TRMS appearance pretty soon.

Uganda Be Kidding Me

Rachel came back to question Hunter on the “kill-the-gays” bill in Uganda. Hunter uses the same oily I’m-the-real-victim argument that Rick Warren tried to pull when confronted about the same subject, claiming that The Family is getting an unfair rap for their many, many public statements against people in the LGBT community because they have been doing all this super-secret work behind the scenes to stop Uganda from actually killing them.

Super, super secret work, you guys. So it’s totally OK if they run conferences to teach people that sexual orientation is choice (one that God hates, no less) and that gays seduce teenagers. Because behind the scenes, so much good is being done! If only you could see it! But they’re like Santa Claus – they cannot be observed!

Keep an eye out for an excellent “The hell?” face from Rachel.

P.S. – There is no need to thank me for all the behind-the-scenes work I’ve been doing to stave off a Sasquatch invasion of your hometown. I do it out of the goodness of my heart.


Rachel gave us an update on the awful story of the intelligence officers killed in Afghanistan. The latest update is that at least two of the victims were employees of Xe, formerly Blackwater.

Rachel pointed out that this indicates that defense contractors are “intimately involved” with the CIA’s latest tactics and promised further updates.

Cocktail Moment

You want to get bold with testing your anti-terror system? Check out Slovakia’s attempt to go nards to the wall while Rachel checks her math from an earlier segment.

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