Naomily do more than kiss each other through the phone in the “Skins” novel


Those of us unlucky enough to have heard the song “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” know that Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em made flirting (and other things) through the phone really unsexy. Enter “Extract 2” from the upcoming Skins novel posted on the official website, and, um, expressing love for the special gal in your life never sounded so good. The extract is so good in fact, it’s absolutely NSFW, but feel free to enjoy yourself within reason on your lunch break.

Without giving away too much and risking being too risqué, the frisky phone conversation basically involves Naomi and Emily bemoaning their boring home lives and recreating certain intimate moments via mobile phone communication. In case you aren’t reading between the lines, let’s just say that there are more than “LOLs” and smiley faces. Here’s a tidbit, from Emily’s point of view:

“I wish you were here with me right now, on this beach, looking up at the stars,” I said.

Naomi groaned. “Me too. I can’t stop thinking about us in my bed.”

“I know.” I hesitated. “Remind me — what were we doing in your bed?”

Absolutely awesome. Not only is Skins quite possibly the best show on TV with lesbian characters, it now further squashes the competition with a page right out of Naomily internet fan faction. The Skins novel officially release on Thursday, Jan. 7 2010, but some readers say they have been able to order it already on It boasts “extra sordid, juicy details” about the shenanigans the Skins kids got themselves into.

Thoughts, comments, or concerns about not being able to get some fabulous mental pictures out of your head?

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