Kristanna Loken kicks ass


If you caught Battlestar Galactica on Sunday night, you probably saw the brief, nine-second preview (more of a flash) of Kristanna Loken in her upcoming Sci Fi Channel series, Painkiller Jane. Loken, who you may remember as the terminator in T3 or as a vampire hunter in the awful but slightly Sapphic BloodRayne, will also be appearing on this season of The L Word.

Painkiller Jane is based on the comic book character of the same name, about a DEA agent who is “impervious to injury, but not pain.” In addition to starring in the series, Loken is co-executive producing, which will make Painkiller Jane the only series starring and produced by an openly bisexual actress (perhaps ever?). The series debuts in April, and from the tiny teaser I saw, I am psyched for it to begin. Then again, I’m a sucker for hot girls carrying weapons.

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