“Jax & Alice” could make our lesbian cop dreams come true


While lesbians everywhere tap their feet waiting to see Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly together again on Burn Notice, a producer has invoked the names of Cagney and Lacey in announcing plans for a new series.

Anthony Zuiker, the creator of CSI and its multiple offspring, is planning to do a new show for CBS that has been described as a revival of Cagney & Lacey. The show, Jax & Amber, is the story of two female police detectives who are partners on the force.

Just about now, you may be reacting as I did at first: “KEEP YOUR MITTS OFF OF CAGNEY & LACEY!” But then I read this little tidbit at TV Squad: “one of the cops might be a lesbian.”

I’m totally in.

Of course, we don’t know much at this point, but that won’t stop us from coming up with casting suggestions. Like Rose Rollins and Leisha Hailey.

Seriously, can you imagine those two as partners in crime solving? Of course you can.

We already know that Sarah Shahi makes a kick-ass detective.

So how about pairing her with kick-ass world-saver Lena Headey?

The thought of being interrogated by them is almost enough to lead me to a life of crime.

In the spirit of “sometimes the best solution is the most obvious one,” perhaps Jax and Amber should be played by our favorite Ladycops Liz Vassey and Christina Cox.

After all, Vassey and Cox already are skilled at using their guns.

The Nikki & Nora pilot is already in the can, Mr. Zuiker — I’m sure the characters’ names are negotiable. If you need Nancylee Myatt’s number, just let us know.

So what do you think? What dynamic duo would you like to see in Jax & Amber?