Maybe Heather Juergensen will guest star


I’ve been waiting for Notes From the Underbelly ever since I saw it in Entertainment Weekly‘s fall preview. Ordinarily the word “parenting” tends to make my eyes glaze over, especially in reference to a TV show or movie. But Notes From the Underbelly stars Jennifer Westfeldt, otherwise known as Jessica Stein. (She’s the one in blue in this picture; the other one is Heather Juergensen.)


It sounds like Notes might tell the truth — or at least more of the truth than is usually told — about what it’s like to have kids. The New York Times calls it “a sweet and sour look at impending parenthood”:

Ms. Westfeldt said she hoped to “represent the young mother out there who really doesn’t know what she’s doing and doesn’t want to become overwhelmed by the mommy police and the mommy patrol — this legion of women out there who have become professional mothers.”

The show also stars Rachael Harris, who was one of the best things (maybe the only good thing) about Fat Actress. A preview of Notes is now available on the ABC web site, and it looks like it’s peppered with the same brand of quirky charm that made Kissing Jessica Stein so much fun — especially if you stop watching it right after the roof scene.

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