Apparently Grease isn’t the way we are feeling


olivianewtonjohn2308.jpgJust as we suspected, You’re the One That I Want isn’t as hot as it acts. The reality show about casting the leads for a Broadway revival of Grease is tanking in the ratings.

The show apparently lost three million viewers from last week to this one. So far the only thing it’s got going for it (besides how awesome Grease itself is, but this show can take no credit for that) was the guest appearance by Olivia Newton-John.

The TVgasm recap of that episode points out her “wildly surgically enhanced face” and says, “Of course, just in case you weren’t sure if Olivia’s had some work done, a quick glance at her wattle-like neck revealed all sorts of age-incriminating details — kind of like the rings of a tree.” Poor Olivia. But it isn’t mean if it’s true, right?

I love the caption they included for her photo: “Let’s get surg-ery, surg-ery. I wanna get surg-ery, let’s get into surgery. Let me hear your Botox talk…” Egads.

Here’s one way to make a wattle disappear:


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