Sometimes it’s all about Eva


Advice Goddess Amy Alkon will be on ABC’s Nightline tonight.


As far as I know, her dog will not.

In December, the heavily syndicated advice columnist blogged about a loud cell-phone talker named Eva who shouted out all kinds of personal information in a restaurant. Amy posted the information and Eva got flooded with calls from Amy’s readers.

The post begins:

Eva Burgess Is Getting Glasses!

And she’s picking them up Saturday after 4pm! I know this because she was bellowing into a cell phone about it next to me in a café. Apparently, she’s not only inconsiderate, she doesn’t seeem to mind giving a lot of personal information, starting with her full name, to a total stranger.

While some of Amy’s readers called Eva to scold her about her rudeness, others scolded Amy (in comments to her blog) for what they saw as her own even ruder behavior.

Amy’s certainly no Emily Post; she’s a feisty one and a vigilante. She does things like putting venomous little cards on SUV windshields to berate their owners for rudely polluting the planet. The Nightline interview is sure to be lively.

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