Jane Lynch sings out with “Glee”


I know we talk about the fabulous Jane Lynch a lot around here, but every time we roam the internets, we find another tidbit too good to keep to ourselves.

You probably saw the video on EW.com last month in which Jane informed Michael Slezak that she wants Sue Sylvester to have her very own musical moment in Glee. And she told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, “I’m humming all the time on the set — auditioning!”

Wisely, the show’s producers are letting Jane have her way, as she told Michael Ausiello.

“I have read the first two episodes [of the back-nine] and I can tell you that I will be singing and dancing. I can’t tell you what I’m singing because it’s top-secret.” She did, however, give a little hint: “It’s a very cold song.”

Of course, getting to sing is just one more tick in the win column for Jane Lynch. She is still riding high from Glee’s Golden Globe nominations, including a Best Supporting Actress nod of her own. She talked to Access Hollywood last week about the award, including some very good news about what she’s wearing to the awards show. (You can also watch the clip at Daily Motion.)

Jane Lynch in a “very sexy YSL tuxedo?” Yes please.

(Thanks to Dorothy Snarker for the sexy picture.)

Personally, I’m counting the days until Glee returns — and knowing Sue Sylvester is going musical makes the wait seem that much longer. Any guesses on what Sue will sing?

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