Fox delivers another opportunity for sexist jokes


Fox takes a page from old-school pulp fictionThis just in from the Planet of Potential Feminist Fiascos: Fox Broadcasting has announced that it has begun production on an 11-episode unscripted series titled When Women Rule the World that revisits ever-popular war between the sexes. Here’s the basic scenario: 12 women and 12 men are deposited in a “remote, primitive location” (according to the Fox press release), where the men will be forced to act as “manservants” (gag) to these 12 women, who apparently all have an axe to grind with the fact that sexism and misogyny still runs rampant in the world today. Gee, I can’t figure out why any women would think this.

Anyway, the men have to serve the women, and if they do not please their mistresses, they run the risk of being kicked off this little feminist utopia (let’s call it Foxyworld). The last man standing in Foxyworld wins $250,000, but none of the ladies get any cash. How is this any different from the real world? Women run everything behind the scenes, but the men get the money and the fame.

And you know this little trip to Foxyworld is gonna be ripe for lesbian-bashing — any trip to feminism brings up those tired jokes about man-hating dykes. Apparently the ladies get to install a “queen” to lead them, and I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be some catfighting among them as they fight for the affections of the rapidly dwindling stock of dudes. Given that this show comes from the producers of Temptation Island and Joe Millionaire, I don’t have high hopes for any actual engagement with the very real issues behind feminism. Go ahead and surprise me, Fox, I dare you.

I’m a little tired of these kinds of shows, myself. I mean, let’s face it: If women ruled the world, it would rock. ‘Nuff said.

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