2009 Year in Review: Television


Before Claire could recover, the sisters of Psi Alpha Chi rushed into the room to invite the girls to join their sorority.

In the following four episodes, things went from awkward to absurd. The Psi Alpha Chi sorority seemed to be taking its cue from the slasher film Sorority Row. Every time Gretchen and Claire tried to broach the subject of their “relationship,” they were interrupted by mayhem and destruction.

In the last episode of the year, Gretchen and Claire appeared to be nothing more than pals, a resolution they apparently came to off-screen. There is no word whether or not Gretchen will return to Heroes when the show resumes in January 2010.

The other lead bisexual character on primetime broadcast TV this year was Ella Simms (played by Katie Cassidy) on the CW’s Melrose Place reboot. Early buzz from the Melrose set was that Ella would be a bisexual publicist, but when Cassidy spoke to reporters at the Fall TCA Press Tour, she said, “My character is definitely exploring her sexuality. She is try-sexual — she will try anything.”

Anything, that is, except for fidelity.

In Melrose‘s pilot episode, Ella explained it to her friend and client Jonah like this:

Jonah: See, I don’t get you, Ella. First that guy Cole and then that couple at the farmer’s market. Don’t you just want to meet someone and settle down and fall in love?

Ella: You can love someone without declaring yourself exclusive for the rest of your life. Hey, I love love! I just hate monogamy.

Ella had two sexual encounters with women this year: the first in the pilot, in an attempt to take her mind of the fact that she was falling for Jonah; the second during Sweeps, with a hired socialite her boss Amanda (played by the original Ella, Heather Locklear) was using to test her loyalty.

At least on Melrose Place the bisexual character seemed to enjoy kissing girls — even if the opportunity only presented itself when the Nielsen ratings gun was pointed at Ella’s head.

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