Archie Panjabi says her “Good Wife” character still doesn’t know her own sexual orientation


We’ve been following the case of Kalinda’s sexual orientation since The Good Wife premiered and so I was excited to see the L.A. Times interview with actress Archie Panjabi proclaiming she “talks about the mystery of Kalinda’s sexuality.” Unfortunately, it’s still a mystery. But we do find out that she’s not for sure straight, despite the casting of a male love interest.

“I am not 100% certain what’s going to happen with her sexuality,” Panjabi said. “This is one of those areas that Kalinda hasn’t confessed to me yet. But when she does, I will tell you! This is one of those big questions that will be addressed in January. But I will tell you I don’t think you can put Kalinda in any box. She’s hard to pigeonhole in every respect of life. It’s very ,very challenging to play her, and I feel quite privileged. It’s tough to get a good role on a good show. They are rare gems.”

Sigh. So, does this mean that we’ll hear her say “I am into girls and guys,” or “People think I like girls, but it’s not true” on an episode in 2010? The problem is, if Archie doesn’t know, then our speculations won’t help anything. All we can do is take our cues from what we know about her character so far — like her wardrobe.

“When women play investigators, they usually wear trousers, but when you look around now, you see so many attractive, intelligent women who are comfortable wearing skirts,” Archie said. “Kalinda is like that. She’s feminine but quite tough and boisterous. She hangs out with cops and likes guns and leather.”

Yeah, that can go either way.

But when Panjabi talked with The Wall Street Journal, she said “I’m unaware of it,” regarding the bisexual aspect of her character. “We haven’t explored her sexuality yet. This year, all the characters are rooted in the workplace.”

Are we reading into it too much?

Either way, we’ll find out more about Kalinda sooner than later, as Archie said, “Each of the characters has their own story, and I think in time you’ll see each one interrelating more with the others. And we’ll learn more about each of them, in addition to Alicia. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about all the characters. Hopefully, that will give it a long life and make it more interesting than it already is.”

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