“The Bonnie Hunt Show”: The best talk show you didn’t watch


I have delayed writing about this, probably going through a grief process that, to be honest, still is stuck at “denial.” But the reports are true: The Bonnie Hunt Show has been canceled, effective at the end of this season.

Frankly, I’m not sure how to deal with the situation. As a freelance writer, I tend to work late and sleep late. Now that The View is more often annoying than not, Bonnie Hunt has become the backdrop for drinking coffee and checking email and other first-thing-in-the-morning activities. And she never fails to make me smile.

Hunt’s guests are the usual celebs making the talk show rounds for one promotion or another, but her interviews seem to be just a touch brighter and funnier than you see elsewhere. Witness this winning exchange with Jane Lynch.


Unfortunately, not many people watch the show. Analysts think that perhaps Bonnie Hunt is too nice, that Ellen DeGeneres has a corner on that kind of talk show. Maybe. But while Ellen is someone I’d love to have a drink with, Bonnie is someone I want as my BFF. I have a crush on her, to be sure, but it’s the kind of crush you get on your friends, the kind where you think they hung the moon, not the kind where you want to sex them up.

Her staff obviously feels the same way about her. Many are close, long-time friends that are as much a part of the show’s appeal as Bonnie is. Remember the tickled kitty video that was going around a few weeks ago? Here’s how the staff responded to their boss’ viewing it over and over.


Still, as warm and polite as Bonnie always is, she’s never a pushover. Take a look at this clip in which Rod Blagojevich tries his smarmy charm on her.


She totally busted him, but did so in such a subtle and witty way that it was easy to miss. Her improv background served her well in this format, especially when unpredictable guests drop by.

I know Bonnie will still be around — talent like hers doesn’t disappear — but I will miss seeing her every day. Is anyone else as bummed about this as I am?

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