Lesbians steal more than the scene on “Accidentally on Purpose”


This week’s episode of the CBS fledgling sitcom Accidentally on Purpose featured a pregnant lesbian couple, two dudes who love lesbian porn, a laugh track, and a multi-camera filming format. It was kind of like watching a rerun of the first season of Friends — only less funny.

Here’s the basic plot of Accidentally of Purpose: Billie (Jenna Elfman) and Zack (Jon Foster) have a one night stand in the pilot episode. Billie gets preggers and decides to keep the baby. Zack moves in so he can help raise the kid. They’re not together, but they’re not not together.

On Monday’s episode, Zack drags his BFF, Davis, to a pregnancy class, hoping to meet some dads he can hang out with. Turns out all the dads in the class are super lame, but Zack does meet a lesbian named Toni.

Toni: I’m gay, but you are adorable. I’m Toni and this is my wife Dani.

Davis: So — lesbians, huh? How great are boobs?

>Toni: Well, her boobs are fantastic. I mean, they’re incredible. You just want to get in there and —

OK, Carol and Susan never said that on Friends.

Davis: She’s talking about her boobs!

Zack: You’re interrupting her! So. Boobs. Go on.

Dani: Did you check out the rack on that Candy Striper by the donut table?

Toni: [sarcastically] Dani, please! You’re a married woman.

Dani: [to Davis] Want to grab a bear claw and see if we can look down the Candy Striper’s shirt?

Davis: I would answer that, except all the blood has rushed out of my head.

Zack tells Toni, “I like your wife. Um, lady-husband. Girlfriend. Help me!”

Later, Toni and Dani take Zack and Davis to a lesbian bar to hang out and chat about babies and pregnancy.

Toni: Great place, right?

Davis: Great? This place is amazing. Everywhere I look it’s like my favorite kind of porn is about to break out.

He wants to know if he has a chance with anyone at the lesbian bar.

Dani: Well, I don’t know them at all, but I heard those two are into Dutch Boys. That’s what we call a lesbian couple that wants to hook-up with a straight man. C’mon, I’ll be your Wing-Lesbo.

Toni takes the opportunity to tell Zack that she and Dani found out they’re having a boy (“I guess it’s the universe’s way of saying, ‘You’re touching penis!'”). Having known him a full 10 minutes, she asks Zack if she can call him if she needs boy advice because she didn’t get a good vibe from the other dads in their class.

Zack says she probably didn’t get a good vibe because, out of all of them, Toni has the hottest wife. He says she can absolutely call if she has boy questions, and asks if he can call her if he has a little lesbian.

Davis goes home with the lesbian couple for a little something called a “ménage à trois.” What he gets is a little something called “tied up and robbed,” thus completing his transition to Joey Tribbiani-Lite.

The episode was cute in the harmless, played way that the entire Accidentally on Purpose series is cute. You can watch the full episode at CBS.com.

Thanks to Steph and Steven for the tip!

Did anyone catch Accidentally on Purpose on Monday? What did you think?

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