Storm would never beg like this


After receiving the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Female Action Star, Halle Berry asked X-Men fans to speak up if they want to see yet another sequel:

You guys really love X-Men? OK, here’s what you have to do. Write letters. Every one of you in this building who love X-Men and want to see X-Men 4, write a letter to Tom Rothman at Fox and tell him so and you will get another one, and I’ll be there too.

Halle Berry

Remember when letter-writing campaigns actually worked, and consisted of actual letters instead of email? I remember my favorite aunt talking about (and contributing to) the flurry of mail that resurrected Cagney and Lacey. Somehow I doubt X-Men fans are that motivated. But I didn’t even see X-Men 3, so I shouldn’t talk.

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