I bet they didn’t even ask Taylor Hicks


Katharine McPhee will guest star on Ugly Betty on Feb. 1.


The title of the episode is “I’m Coming Out.” I don’t know which to dare to hope for: McPhee playing gay, or McPhee singing the Diana Ross hit. Mostly I just hope she can act half as well as she can sing. They can’t all be Jennifer Hudson.

Speaking of Dreamgirls (and I always am lately), the VH1 special Dreamgirls: Divas, Drama, and Destiny is pretty good. It airs again today at 6:00 p.m. EST. You might want to fast-forward through some of the SWV moments though. I mean, really: SWV? It took me forever to even remember what that stands for, and I barely remember that “Weak” song. (I guess that works as both title and description.)

The LaBelle clips, on the other hand, are awesome. What a superfreaky group.

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