Shepherd speaks


Cybill Shepherd did a brief interview on Today this morning. She talked about her character Phyllis on The L Word; specifically, Phyllis’s emotional “youth,” which is a pretty insightful way to approach a coming-out story. Al Roker asked dumb questions like “What was your children’s reaction to you playing a lesbian?” — and of course Cybill’s kids (who are in college, Al, not some School for the Socially Sheltered) are nothing but thrilled about it.


Shepherd also praised The L Word for painting a full picture of women:

The L Word is the only place in movies and television where you see women involved sexually and sensually at every age, every shape, every color — and it’s thrilling.

My favorite part? The fact that she was wearing sneakers with her chic clothes. Apparently that’s not the first time she’s done so — here’s a picture from an appearance she did to promote Martha Behind Bars:


I do like a woman in sensible shoes.

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