TV Alert: “Better Off Ted” returns with boss lady Portia de Rossi


Fans of weaponized pumpkins, rejoice. Better Off Ted returns tonight to start its second season. The ABC comedy about the wacky world of mega corporation showcases the lovely, hilarious and perfectly power-suited Portia de Rossi.

The comedy explores the fictitious Veridian Dynamics, an enormous company which strives to make everything from meatless beef to a cure for male pattern baldness and, yes, weaponized pumpkins. The promo for the premiere gives you a taste of the show’s fast-paced, zany brand of satire.

The Ted from the title is head of research and development (played by Jay Harrington) and Portia plays his ice queen boss Veronica. What she lacks in social graces she makes up for in ridiculous bluntness and that perfect coif. Seriously, I haven’t seen a bun that tight since I finally threw away that old VHS of Buns of Steel.

Make no mistake, Portia steals the show here. Her Veronica “doesn’t let silly things like feelings or the lives of innocents stand in the way of success.” In fact, I could do without Ted entirely and just watch Veronica squash her employees’ souls for a half hour every week. Hey, you have fun your way, I’ll have it mine.

In case you need to get caught up, is streaming the show’s entire first season online until Wednesday. Better Off Ted returns at 9:30 p.m. tonight. So, you’re going to watch, right? Veronica demands it.

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