Please don’t take Starbuck!


Battlestar Galactica executive producers David Eick and Ron Moore confirmed (sort of) to the Chicago Tribune on Monday that a major character will die (aka undergo a “profound” event) in the second half of Season 3 in the episode “Maelstrom,” scheduled to air on March 4. Rumors have flying all over the internet that this character is going to be Kara Thrace, aka Starbuck.

Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck

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Well, actress Katee Sackhoff has officially wrapped her work on this season of BSG even though there are three more episodes after “Maelstrom”; Moore says that “Galactica will suffer a shocking loss in that episode and Kara is a key member of the crew”; and after the episode, the name of a major cast member will no longer run in the opening credits. Eick adds fog to an already foggy situation by saying, “What we’re doing with Kara Thrace is profound and is major, and yet it doesn’t necessarily translate as simply as you might think.”

For those of you (me) who might be worried that this means the end of Starbuck, Eick tries to reassure us with the following: “I would just add whether the fans of the show like what we do at the end of this year or find themselves aghast at what we do, they can rest assured it’s not what they’re expecting. Whatever they think is going happen, think again.” I think this means that Starbuck will disappear for awhile, but perhaps she will be downloaded into some other body — a Cylon body? — in the future. What do you think is going to happen? All I know is, if they replace Katee Sackhoff, that will totally suck. I would sorely miss her, probably more than Starbuck. In fact, I might start building a shrine to her now just to ward off the potential for permanent disappearance.

In my fantasy world, that “profound” change that Starbuck experiences is the realization that she has fallen in love with Sharon/Boomer/Athena (Grace Park). She rushes back to the battlestar with a dozen roses (she found them on the algae planet), brushes Lee and Helo out of the way (they run into each other in the corridor and realize that they might have to go on a trip to Brokeback Mountain together), and pulls Sharon to her and says, “You and me: What are we waiting for?” Then she kisses her, and Sharon, of course, realizes that Starbuck is onto something. Who needs those limp-wristed male pilots with names ending in vowels when you can have the hottest viper jock in the fleet?

Unfortunately, I do not write for BSG. Sigh.

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