TV Alert: “Dollhouse” returns for the beginning of the end


Welcome to the beginning of the end, Dollhouse fans. The show returns tonight to air the remainder of its second and, sadly, final season.

Dollhouse went on hiatus during November sweeps and then officially canceled later that month. Fox will air back-to-back episodes starting tonight and running through Dec. 18. Then the show will return on Fridays Jan. 8 airing each week until its series finale airs Jan. 22.

The good news: That’s a whole lot of Joss Whedon-y/Eliza Dushku-y goodness in a row. The bad news: That’s the last of it we’ll see, ever. Sigh. So, what can we expect from the last nine episodes? Summer Glau! Alexis Denisof! Keith Carradine! And the return of Alan Tudyk as Alpha! Oh my!

Spoiler Alert: Episode clip follow so shoo, spoilerphobes. If you want an even more enticing (and excruciating) look at Summer’s appearance, check out this clip from tonight’s second episode, titled “The Left Hand.” I guess it’s really no more Ms. Nice Terminator for her.


So, will you be watching as Dollhouse begins its swan song? And what do you want to happen to the world of Echo, Sierra, November and all the rest? Me — I want to see Amy Acker return to consummate that Echo-Whiskey flirting we saw in flashback earlier this season. Hey, if you’re going to dream, dream big.

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