Traces of Sex and the City


Candace Bushnell‘s book Lipstick Traces will be adapted for the small screen: NBC plans to turn it into a one-hour comedy. It sounds like it will have a lot in common with Sex and the City — because, really, why mess with a good (if now formulaic) thing?

There are three women this time, all high on “New York’s 50 Most Powerful Women” list. Nico is editor-in-chief of Bonfire magazine, Wendy is president of Paradour Pictures, and Victory is a fashion designer … Bushnell herself told that the characters and situations in Lipstick Jungle “were inspired by the real-life women I know and admire in New York City. As with Sex and the City, I spent a lot of time thinking about where women were today, and what I noticed was that there was a fascinating group of women in their forties who were leading non-traditional lives. They were highly successful and motivated, they often had children, and usually were the providers for their families, and yet, they didn’t fit the old stereotype of the witchy businesswoman.”

I have a feeling that when I watch this, I’m going to spend the entire time saying “Well, that one is sorta like Miranda, and the other one is kinda like Samantha, but … ”

Sex and the City

Meanwhile, Kim Cattrall says a Sex and the City movie may still happen. They’d better get rolling, before Cynthia Nixon goes back to Broadway (or baby-ville). Work with me, ladies!

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