“Big Love” Season 4 marries politics and religion


My love for Big Love was destiny.

Perhaps because of my fundie background, I am fascinated with the various brands of religion, especially those on the “fringe” — which is where the folks in Big Love live. Of course, that’s why many people, especially women, object to the series, saying that it glamorizes plural marriage and the subjugation of women. But I don’t see anything glamorous about that part of the series setting. If anything, Big Love shows just how twisted an absolute patriarchy can be.

Big Love’s last season was, IMO, the best yet. We’re seeing Karma (a decidedly non-Mormon concept) in full force, with Bill’s tendency to justify every careless action as “God’s will” coming back to bite him in his too-often-bare butt. And this season promises more conflict as Bill decides to run for state senator, intending to out his family and live publicly as a polygamist if elected. (Polygamy is a misdemeanor in Utah, so not impeachable.)

The Hendrickson wives, however, are not exactly lining up to support the campaign. And their responses are a big part of the storyline for Season 4.

Perhaps that ambiguity is behind this, well, ambiguous promo from HBO.


Great song by Interpol notwithstanding, WTF?

We do, however, have some spoilers. (Is a SPOILER ALERT redundant?)

After flirting with Ben (her stepson) for three years, Margene is going to do something that, according to Ginnifer Goodwin, “is so horrible that I had trouble even performing it.”

Since Ben kissed stepmommy last season, my guess is that Ben will be going boldly where many men have been before. (Hey, Margene never claimed to be a virgin when she met Bill.)

Scott and Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) also are taking the next step: a big, fat, FLDS wedding. Given the fact that Scott is from a very conservative, traditional Mormon family, we can expect lots of self-righteous posturing from all sides as the big day approaches.

We’ll also hear the love that dare not speak its name loudly and clearly as Nicki’s brother Alby meets the man who will coax him out of the closet: Dale. I’m not too anxious to see Alby in a sex scene, but maybe getting laid will improve his temperament.

In the best casting news yet, Sissy Spacek has a recurring role as a “powerful Washington D.C. lobbyist.” No word on the Oscar-winner’s storyline yet, but I suspect that Spacek’s character won’t be impressed by the Church of Bill.

For now, we don’t know what’s coming for Barb (Jeanette Tripplehorn) and Nicki (Chloe Sevigny).

However, Nicki’s newly acknowledged daughter Cara Lynne doubtless will be a major part of her story. And Barb’s ambivalence about polygamy should be a nice thorn in Bill’s side as he runs for office and forms his own church.

Big Love Season 4 premieres Jan. 10. Will you be watching?

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