They should have called it Fading Star


Jewel — you’ve been wondering what she’s up to, right? — is the host of season five of Nashville Star, which starts this Thursday on USA. (It’s in its fifth season?! I’ve never even heard of it, but then I’m not exactly a fan of country music.) Jewel also has other claims to fame; or, rather, desperate grabs at retroactive stardom:

Jewel said years ago there was a discussion about her becoming part of MTV’s “The Real World,” a reality show in which seven strangers live together before the cameras.

“‘The Real World’ was just starting when I was coming up and they asked me to be on that,” the singer said, “and I didn’t want to be known as the girl from ‘The Real World.'”

Exactly when Jewel might have been considered for the show is up for debate.


Read the rest of the NY Daily News article and sing along with me: Who will save her career if she won’t save her own?

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