Jann Wenner is not the one that I want


I haven’t seen the first episode of I’m From Rolling Stone yet, but I saw some of the “preview,” and am not sure I’ll be a regular viewer. Jann Wenner (head honcho of Rolling Stone and, more important, puffer-up of his own ego) and that other guy, Joe Levy (an editor who probably does not tolerate being thought of as “that other guy”) sorta ruined it for me. Tika might turn out to be pretty cool though. Maybe I’ll just read the Idolator episode guide instead of watching.


Maybe I’m just not entertained by public humiliation/berating/embarrassment/etc., because I wasn’t charmed by You’re the One That I Want either, and I’d been looking forward to that one. Again, maybe the talking head (in this case Billy Bush) was the real problem. But I did enjoy the opening, with the multiple Dannys and Sandys running around.


But I know I’ll probably still watch American Idol, though probably not until the auditions are over. (See above re: public humiliation.)

Whaddya think? Are reality shows — at least the trampling-on-their-dreams sort — getting old?

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