Indulging my self-destructive tendencies at the office just means staying up too late blogging


I like Pam from The Office as much as the next person, but after last night’s episode, my heart officially belongs to Jan, Michael’s wonderfully uptight boss and sometimes-lover played by Melora Hardin. Hardin is terrifically understated as a tightly-wound woman who can’t understand how she finds herself attracted to such an immature man whom she loathes, who is also her direct report (a breaking of the rules which Jan takes very seriously).

Hardin has always delivered a good performance, but last night’s episode showed us just how good she can be when Jan finally broke down and admitted, “My psychiatrist thinks I have self-destructive tendencies, and that for once I should indulge them.” She then proceeded to jump Michael in his office.

But my favorite line of last night? Jan uttering “Oh God”, after Michael did the “you complete me” thing from Jerry Maguire as she was leaving. Brilliant.


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