ABC puts “FlashForward” on hold


I have mixed feelings about this piece of news from Ausiello: ABC has shut down production on FlashForward.

The series had two strikes against it even before the first episode, simply because it airs at the same time Thursday night as three other good shows. I wish FlashForward had been able to test the waters on its own.

But I also think the series could be much better than it is. I love the concept. And when I recently watched all the episodes on Hulu, I found the story growing more compelling with each installment. Then I read an article on FlashForward in the most recent Entertainment Weekly in which producer David Goyer shared some teasers of what’s to come and I was eager to see it play out.

But honestly, Joseph Fiennes gets annoying after awhile, with his one-note performance (the one note being angst) as Mark Benford. How can someone be as grim as he with a wife like this?

ABC insists that the shutdown is not a death knell for FlashForward, but rather a logical break to give the writers room to “maintain the high quality of the show.” I hope so. I admit that the series could use some tweaks, but I’m not ready to lose another innovative show. Especially one with a lesbian character.

What do you think? Is FlashForward destined for cancellation? Or do you think the show will live long enough for us to see the future for ourselves?

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