RachelWatch Classic: C and Tea


Today: Rachel takes a well-deserved break, so let’s look at the roots of current scandals.

Rachel was off Monday evening.

Lawrence O’Donnell was a relaxed and able guest host, but just in case you’re jonesing for a little more Rachel, here are a few classic clips that relate to Monday’s news.

First off, Senator John Ensign’s (R – Nevada) Thanksgiving got a little more tense as his former chief of staff, former close friend, and (presumably) former guy he’d been cuckolding hit the news for another round of dishing.

Let’s look back as Rachel and staff follow the money with the help of some delightful graphics.

The South Carolina legislature started impeachment hearings against Governor Mark Sanford (R) and frankly the charges are way less Teen Gubernatorial Romance than we’d all hoped.

Let’s go back to the glory days, shall we?

And finally, the straight-to-DVD Tea Party: The Documentary Film is about to hit either a delighted group of mocking friends or an uncomfortable Thanksgiving family gathering near you.

Thanksgiving is about indulging just a little too much in things you enjoy, so here by request are Rachel and Ana Marie Cox talking about the noble and patriotic act of teabagging.

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