Mariette Hansson dedicates a song to her girlfriend on “Swedish Idol”


Several readers let us know that out lesbian Mariette Hansson has made it to the top four on the current season of Swedish Idol. On this past week’s episode, Mariette dedicated the song “Ängeln i rummet,” by lesbian singer Eva Dahlgren, to her girlfriend, Alisa.

AE reader Susi gave us a rough translation of the segment:

Mariette: Alisa means everything to me right now, she’s my biggest support in everything I do. It sounds like a cliche but it really was love at first sight, we met at Öland (a Swedish island).

Alisa: I went up to this restaurant where she was sitting and then our eyes met and then you know that big smile that Mariette has, it was like wow and shaky knees so yeah, that was awesome.

Mariette: Alisa has visited and come to see me in the studio live every Friday.

Alisa: When I see Mariette on stage, I’m so touched, I get goose bumps and I’m close to tears because I’m so proud of her. The best thing about Mariette is that she’s so considerate, she has so much love to just give to everyone so it’s not difficult to love her. And then she’s also very beautiful.

Mariette: I don’t think you’ve ever said this much nice things about me, I get all — OK — We’ve been together for three years now and we’re still just as much in love. And she is, she’s — I’ve found that one person in my life and that’s so completely wonderful.

Alisa: She’s my future and I hope that I’m hers, so she means everything to me.

The segment shows photos of the women together, shopping together and being affectionate. Then when Mariette is to perform, she says: “I’ll be singing “Ängeln i rummet” by Eva Dahlgren, and I’ve chosen to dedicate it to my love, Alisa.”

After the performance, the host asked Alisa how she felt about it, and she replied “It went straight to the heart, I have to say. It was really tough, I mean emotionally, but really beautiful.”

It’s great to see that Sweden is embracing Mariette for her talent and that the show is not afraid to highlight her personal life. It is refreshing to hear, seeing as how American Idol isn’t so straightforward with their gay contestants (Cough Adam Lambert cough).

We’re crossing our fingers for you, Mariette.