Sunshine on my TV looks sorta like The West Wing


USA has picked up Mary Sunshine, formerly called In Plain Sight and starring Mary McCormack (West Wing, K Street). McCormack plays a U.S. Marshal “who tries to balance her intense job at the witness-protection program with her equally intense and amusingly dysfunctional personal life.” Production starts this summer in preparation for a late 2007 or early 2008 premiere.


So I’m guessing at some point, depending on whether her personal life skews more toward the “amusing” or the “dysfunctional,” she might want to actually enter the witness-protection program. I mean, what a sweet gig: No pesky relatives, a new place to live and work, and a new name. I should start hanging around crime scenes to see if I can get on the list.

Oh — Allison Janney has nothing to do with any of this. But look how cute they are together! (Also, this has nothing to do with the Mary Sunshine character from Chicago. But your confusion is understandable, comprehensible and defensible.)

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