“Chuck” gets a full-season pickup and a January premiere


Writing for AfterEllen.com these last few months has been like standing in a post-apocalyptic, Leno-strewn wasteland of nothingness, as blogger after blogger has gloated over the return of her TV girlfriend to the fall schedule. All my feelings of dystopian loneliness shifted last night, though, when NBC finally announced that Chuck will return in January, with a three-hour, two-night geek-fest of Buymoria proportions!

Welcome back, Sarah Walker.

Chuck‘s comeback from last year’s cancellation bubble is now the story of TV legend.

To summarize: NBC was like, “Meh.” And the fans and critics were all, “Wait, what?” And NBC was like, “Leno, duh.” And the fans and critics were all, “You cannot be serious.” And NBC was all, “Yeah, but we are.” And the fans and critics took to Twitter and Facebook and Subway like the Nerd Herd hopped up on SweetTarts and Rush‘s “Tom Sawyer.”

NBC finally renewed Chuck for a lame 13 episodes at some to-be-disclosed time in the future. Then a few weeks ago, they picked up another nine episodes. And that brings us to last night, when crazy-cute Zach Levi delivered this message of thanks to the fans, along with a clip from the forthcoming season and a premiere date:

January 10th, 2010!

Is it a coincidence that the binary code for “StuntDouble’s girlfriend” has the sequence “01.10.10” in it three times? I don’t think so!

(Oh, sorry; did you think you could out-geek me?)

Here’s how it’s going down: Chuck will return on a Sunday night with two episodes, and then it will slide into its regular time-slot on Monday with another episode. That is three hours of my girlfriend, Yvonne Strahovski, on your TV in two days.

There is a God, and that God loves nerds.

How excited are you that Chuck is finally coming back?

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