The “Gilmore Girls” movie could be on again


How much do you miss Lorelai Gilmore?

Not the Lorelai of the final seasons of Gilmore Girls. I’m talking about the original Amy Sherman-Palladino Lorelai who exchanged machine-gun-fast, pop-culture-packed dialogue with daughter Rory.

I’m talking about the Lorelai who was quirky and cute and awkward, not the Lorelai who was wishy-washy and selfish and more than a little irritating. (What exactly happened to Paul Anka, Lor, hmm?)

I miss Rory, too, of course, but not quite as much. And I have a feeling that has little to do with the character of Rory and everything to do with the fact that she’s not Lauren Graham.

But I digress.

Since Gilmore Girls ended a few years ago, rumors about a GG movie have come and gone. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel have moved on to other roles and Sherman-Palladino has an HBO series in the works. (No word on the hat’s career.)

But Monday, Michael Ausiello told us that AS-P has not given up on the idea of a Gilmore movie. “Anything can happen,” she insists. “I’m in touch with [Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel]. If there’s a story to tell, then absolutely I think we’re all going to want to tell it. That’s the bottom line.”

Pardon me for just a moment. (SQUEE!!!)

“I think that the beauty of Gilmore, and the beauty of family relationship shows is, you never really run out of story. You’re going to battle your family until you’re all in the ground. Those things never resolve, doesn’t matter how much therapy you get. Ten years later, there’s still going to be [material] there to mine and to delve into.”

Sherman-Palladino also admitted that she had a very different path in mind for Rory and the rest of the gang. But she’s not about to spill the storyline beans. “I don’t want to totally say [what my ideas were], because if there is a movie in the making, I’m going to be basically delving back into where I left off, and then I’m kind of [screwed].”

Dare we hope for the return of our Gilmore girls? Can they recapture the magic that made us fall in love with GG in the first place? Will the last couple of seasons of GG turn out to be a dream? What do you see in Lorelai and Rory’s future?

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