That’s Ms. Jolie-wannabe to you


The movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith is backflipping (probably while firing off several rounds) to TV — ABC has greenlit production on the pilot. addresses the obvious “But they’ve already revealed their secrets to each other!” protest:

Set six months after where the film left off, with the Smiths now residing in a new house in a new suburb, [writer Simon] Kinberg likens the TV version to “Married… with Children with guns,” telling the Hollywood Reporter, “It is a show about any married couple trying to balance professional and home life.” Eyed for a fall 2007 slot and set to shoot in March, casting on the pilot has yet to be determined.

Now those are some big shoes to fill. In case you’ve forgotten just how big:



Angelina Jolie

Who should take on the role of Mrs. Smith? I guess we’ve sorta already answered this with our suggestions for the female 007. But maybe it depends on who plays Mr. Smith. After all, Brad and Angelina did have some crazy chemistry in the film. Like you needed to hear that again.

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