“Verbotene Liebe” loses its main lesbian


After several ups and downs in life and love, the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe‘s major lesbian character Carla Sophia Gräfin von Lahnstein (played by Claudia Hiersche) has exited the show under the premise of going on a “round-the-world trip.”

Unfortunately, dedicated fans of the show know that actress Hiersche is not planning to return to the series anytime soon.

Her storyline ended on a positive note, with Carla and girlfriend, Stella (Anne Wis), getting engaged just before their departure. But, as we know with soap operas everywhere, this doesn’t mean that Carla won’t return sometime in the future. Let’s just hope she hasn’t ditched Stella somewhere in Spain.

Hiersche joined the show in 2003, taking on the role of the role of Carla, the beautiful countess whose rocky love life has included affairs with several women (Evelyn, Hanna, Anke), marriage to a man, being outed to her family, and divorcing her husband and then marrying a woman (Susanne), with whom she had a daughter (Sophia).

While her relationship with Susanne would eventually fail, Carla later met and fell in love with saucy hotel manager Stella.

(For a detailed overview of the Carla/Stella relationship and episode recaps in English, check out this blog by AE reader MeL, or read the AE Carla Hiersche/Verbotene Liebe forum thread.)

The development of the relationship between Carla and Stella was enjoyed by devoted fans in much the same way that Guiding Light fans celebrated the romance of Natalia and Olivia (aka Otalia). Carla and Stella were portrayed like the other couples on the show, including scenes showing their physical intimacy.

As one of the show’s major characters, Hiersche has been a mainstay and her departure was a disappointment to many viewers, lesbian and otherwise. Carla and Stella’s last appearance on the show was November 10.

How do you feel about Carla’s indefinite “round-the-world” trip?

Huge thanks to Jules2 to and MeL for the tips and backstory!

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