That’s two, two Carlys in January


Carly Simon’s new album, Into White, comes out today. I suppose I should reserve judgment until I’ve actually heard it, but is this a wacky track list or what?

Carly Simon1. Into White

2. Oh! Susanna

3. Blackbird

4. You Can Close Your Eyes

5. Quiet Evening

6. Manha De Carnaval

7. Jamaica Farewell

8. You Are My Sunshine

9. Devoted To You

10. Scarborough Fair

11. I Gave My Love A Cherry (The Riddle Song)

12. Over The Rainbow

13. Love Of My Life

14. I’ll Just Remember You

I can’t say I’ve been dying to hear a new interpretation of “Oh! Susanna.” And “Over the Rainbow” will always belong to Judy Garland and Katharine McPhee. (Yes, I realize it’s sacrilege to mention anyone in the same breath as Judy Garland.)

Meanwhile, another Carly — that would be Pope — has a new project this month, but we’ve already blogged about that. Dirt starts tonight on FX, although Carly doesn’t show up right away. But oh, the anticipation! It’s makin’ me wait.

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