Get into Shane’s pants


Showtime is licensing The “L”ements of Style, a line of clothing and accessories that will benefit breast cancer research. According to the company’s press release, the limited-edition wares, inspired by the show’s “hip and sexy look,” will be available for a limited time: January 3 through February 28.

But that’s not all. You can direct a virtual fashion show, starring one of the ‘L’ements designers and a former model, Honey Labrador. Just choose your favorite duds, then sit back as Honey vamps for you. If you choose certain items (the denim pencil skirt seems to do the trick) you can see her and another model trying to upstage each other and vie for your undivided attention. But eventually they just sashay away, arm in arm. You don’t get either girl, but I suppose you can get the clothes.

Alas, if you choose the “Shane Jean,” our lovely model winds up alone.


But those pants look really hot if you’re standing (someone) up at an altar.

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