Happy Holidays!


The AfterEllen.com staff is taking next week off to rest and recharge, and to spend more time with our girlfriends, who are threatening to leave us for the hot barista at Starbucks if we don’t get off the damn computer and take her on a proper date again like we’ve been promising to do for weeks…wait, where was I? Oh yeah: my point is, we won’t be updating this blog again until January 2nd. But now you’ll have time to browse the archives and catch up on all of the blog posts you missed when you were actually working at work, instead of surfing the internet.

See you next year!

Friday night update: While we’re on break, feel free to use the comments section in this post as an “open thread”, to discuss whatever you want – like presents you wish you could give back, the South of Nowhere finale, or whatever embarassing thing Rosie or Britney have done today…