“Skins” Season 4 doesn’t shy away from its lesbian relationship


If there’s one show that does a great job at making its burgeoning lesbian relationship equal to, if not better, its straight counterparts, it’s the UK’s Skins. Last month we got a look at some clips of the new season from the show’s video-mash up contest, and now, in a new season 4 promo, there’s a lot of making out (per usual, for the show) and much of it includes Naomi and Emily.

Here’s my hypotheses for what will happen in the fourth season between Naomily:

They will ride a motorcycle.

They will share moments in bed.

They will kiss.

They will indulge in a, uh, darkly lit massage.

Too bad UK viewers won’t be able to watch until Jan. 21, and U.S. viewers will have to wait even longer for BBC America to catch up. Either way, it’s heartening to me that Naomily will continue to be a big part of the show.

Are you psyched on Skins?

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