Ariel Schrag’s “Potential” will shoot this spring


The producers behind great queer-themed films like Boys Don’t Cry and Hedwig and the Angry Inch are working with lesbian comic artist Ariel Schrag on the movie adaptation of her book, Potential. Killer Films (which is home to out producer Christine Vachon) are working with Ariel (who also used to write for The L Word) to create the film version of the 2000 comic/graphic novel, which chronicled her life as an out lesbian in the eleventh grade.

Queer writer and Sister Spit creator Michelle Tea posted an interview with Ariel on the SFMOMA blog today, giving us some insight into what’s going on with the production of Potential. Ariel told Tea, “It’s moving along! We just got a great new producer, Jamin O’Brien. Rose Troche is directing and she’s amazing. I love working with her. We’re hoping to shoot this spring.”

With so many lesbians at the helm, it’ll be interesting to see who is cast to play Ariel, as well as the rest of her quirky characters. Ariel wrote the screenplay herself, adapted from the book, so at least we know there won’t be too many differences. After all, it’s based on her life.

If you aren’t familiar with her work, check out the chronicles of her life in Awkward & Definition, Likewise and Stuck in the Middle. Ariel keeps her website pretty up to date and just recently joined Twitter, which I’m pretty geeked about. Join me in keeping up with her so we can find out the latest on Potential.

Thanks to Jenni Olsen at for the tip!

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