Pam Grier brings on the bad in “Smallville”


Finally, a TV producer remembered that Pam Grier deserves better than a variation on the line “Don’t mess with me, girl.”

According to EW’s Ausiello, the inimitable blaxploitation badass will join the cast of Smallville as Dr. Amanda Blake Waller (no relation to Miss Kitty), #60 on IGN’s list of Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time.

Amanda “The Wall” Waller has been part of the DC Universe since Legends #1 and rose to power as the head of Task Force X/Suicide Squad a covert team of former supervillains who do dirty work for the government in exchange for amnesty. She became Secretary of Metahuman Affairs during Lex Luthor’s presidential administration.

No word yet on The Wall’s storyline, but it will start with the second half of January’s two-part “Justice Society” episode. I have little doubt that massive ass kicking — and hotness — will be involved.

If you haven’t watched Smallville lately — and, admittedly, I gave up a couple of seasons ago — you are missing a fun season. I had a private catch-up marathon not long ago and found myself remembering why the show used to be a guilty pleasure. With the promise of Grier joining the cast, looks like I have yet another Friday night TV dilemma.

Who still watches Smallville? Are you pumped by the prospect of Pam Grier as The Wall? What’s next: Kelly Lynch as Nightshade?

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