Melissa George joins “Lie to Me”


I was hoping Melissa George would find more work after getting the boot from Grey’s Anatomy, but I guess I was looking for something a little more than this. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Melissa will join the cast of Lie to Me as “an Anna Nicole Smith-type.”

Melissa will play Clara Martin, “the sassy wife of an older billionaire who has been murdered” who takes control of his empire. As Michael Ausiello notes, “she’s kinda nuts.”

If anything, this will probably be a fun part to play, but I’d also love to see Melissa do something a little more bad ass. However, we can hold out hope she’ll share a scene with Lie to Me‘s Zoe Landau, aka Jennifer Beals. But with Clara not showing up till the 11th episode of the second season’s 13, she might not have that much screen time.

Will you be watching for Melissa George on Lie to Me?