Buster’s Postcards from the edge


Buster.jpgThe PBS kids’ series Postcards From Buster will return for a second season, surviving attacks last season resulting from a maple sugaring segment that featured the animated rabbit visiting Vermont siblings who have two mommies. That episode managed to get Education Secretary Margaret Spellings’ knickers all knotted up, and PBS actually removed it from the lineup that very same day.

But now that Buster is back in business, perhaps the following episodes might be more to Ms. Spellings’ liking:

  • Buster travels to Pennsylvania to meet the industrious little rugrats who help their parents heckle women heading into their local Planned Parenthood.
  • Buster heads for the hills of Kentucky to commune with precocious pipsqueaks whose parents make arduous journeys to stock up on family necessities at Wal-Mart.
  • Buster visits the kid congregants of one of the Virginia parishes that seceded from the queer-loving Episcopal Church to take refuge under the wing of a Nigerian Anglican archbishop who’s trying to make it illegal in his country for gay men and lesbians to read gay literature or eat together in a restaurant.
  • Our beloved bunny learns the ins and outs of union busting from tots whose wholesome daddies (one per family) run corporations the way God intended them to be run.

Maybe these episodes would untangle Madame Education Secretary’s skivvies long enough for her to get on with determining what’s best for budding minds.

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