L Tunes: Will They Put You in the Mood?


Other than that gratingly annoying theme song, most of the music on The L Word is actually pretty good. Every year we get a new batch of queer or queer-friendly songs packaged together for us in a soundtrack format, and this year is no different. I just got a preview of L Tunes: Music From and Inspired by The L Word, which will be available on Jan. 2, 2007, and here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find.

1. Kirsten Price, “Magic Tree” – Price was recently signed to Music With a Twistand will be releasing her debut album in 2007. This British soul singer sounds kinda like Joss Stone combined with K.T. Tunstall — and that’s a good thing. Take a listen here.

2. Goldfrapp, “Ride a White Horse” — You’ve heard this British electronica duo everywhere, including recent commercials for Target. “Ride a White Horse” isn’t my favorite song from their 2005 album Supernature, but it’s not bad.

3. Fiona Apple, “Sleep to Dream” — This one’s been around for awhile, but I forgot how much I love it. All dark and creepy and obsessive. Perfect for the holidays!

4. Prototypes, “Je ne te Connais Pas” — Protoypes is a French pop group; you’ve heard them on those mesmerizing iPod Shuffle commercials. This tune has a similar Euro “I am so hipster” feel. Hear it at their MySpace page.

5. Johnny Boy, “Fifteen Minutes” — Another British pop group. Unfortunately, I kinda hate this song; it sounds like an ’80s tune that never became a one-hit wonder.

6. Pink, “Long Way to Happy” — From Pink’s 2006 album I’m Not Dead, this is an epic-sounding, moody rock song about life sucking. It’s not bad actually, but I prefer her new single, “U + Ur Hand,” about skanky frat boys not getting any from Pink.

7. Kelis, “Living Proof” — The woman who brought us “Bossy” and “Milkshake” can also, apparently, deliver a sweet song about romance.

8. Da Brat featuring Cherish, “In Luv Wit Chu” — Song titles that include purposely misspelled words like “love” just annoy me. Yeah, I’m an editor.

9. PJ Harvey, “Down by the Water” — This song from Harvey’s incredible 1995 album To Bring You My Love sounds as current and fresh as it did back then. This track even received two Grammy nominations.

10. Nina Simone, “Do I Move You (Version II)” — It’s the classic Nina Simone. What more can I say?

11. Tori Amos, “A Sorta Fairytale” — This song from Amos’ 2002 album Scarlet’s Walk is one of my favorites, so I’m biased.

12. The Cliks, “Complicated” — The Toronto-based band is fronted by FTM lead singer Lucas Silveira, and “Complicated” has a super-catchy guitar hook.

13. Peaches, “Boys Wanna Be Her” — From her 2006 album Impeach My Bush, this track is not quite as memorable as some of her others that I can’t list here due to the use of profanity, but ever since I saw Peaches live in concert at the Fillmore, I love her.

14. Betty, “Barnyard” — OK, this track actually has a chorus involving “E-I-E-I-O.” Repeatedly. My advice: When you rip this CD to your iPod, skip track No. 14.

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