Taylor Swift goes subtly gay on an “SNL” sketch


Maybe I was punch drunk from spending the day watching the Health Care Reform debate on C-Span or something, but this weekend, Taylor Swift made me laugh louder than any Saturday Night Live host/musical guest in recent memory. I giggled particularly hard at her opening monologue, the Twilight spoof and the Bunny Business promo (which we’ll get to later), but the best sketch of the night was “Roomies.”

And by “best” I mean “gayest.”

And not gay in that subtext-y “Oh, those two chicks have chemistry” kind of way, but in the “Someone secretly filmed every date I went on in high school and college and turned it into an SNL skit” kind of way.

Any time anyone Googles the phrase “How do I know if I’m a lesbian?” that video should be the first result.

Let’s just break down the gayness:

1) Girl is on a date with a boy, but rather than making out, they are watching a dramatization of the Napoleonic wars.

2) When boy suggests they make out, girl just punches him in the arm.

3) Girl’s enthusiasm increases exponentially when her female roommate gets home.

4) Girl and female roommate embrace and bemoan the fact that they were apart for two whole hours.

5) Roommate plops down on couch between boy and girl, and girl does not protest.

6) Girl invites roommate to join them, and says they will …

7) wait for her to get into her jammies.

8) Roommate calls from bedroom to ask if boy is still there, and returns with snacks to …

9) distract him so that she can …

10) cuddle with girl and say things like:

11) “You are my everything.”

12) “You’re my world.”

13) “Quit your job so we can spend more time together.”

14) “I love you.”

15) “I missed you.”

16) And then share an inside joke complete with rhymes and hand motions, while boy is forgotten on couch.

I actually think my college boyfriend might be writing for SNL now. How else could they know?

Taylor’s monologue was cute and self-deprecating (“I’ve been wanting to host this show ever since I was a little kid. I remember staying up past my bedtime to watch Bill Hader and Andy Sandberg.”) Bonus props to her for barely mentioning the Kanye West VMA debacle.

The Digital Short, Firelight, by the makers of Twilight, was spot on, and especially funny considering the rumors that Taylor is courting Team Jacob in real life.

And most of the cast had a chance to shine on the Bunny Business soundtrack:

Sigh. I am starting to suspect that I am in actual love with Kristen Wiig. Wait — that’s not what we were talking about, was it? What were we talking about?

Oh, right — Taylor Swift. It’s always dicey when a musician agrees to host and sing on SNL, but I think Swift was fresh and hilarious. She gave herself over to the sketches like an improv pro. I think she might really be able to act.

Did any of you catch SNL on Saturday night? How many of you have been on/crashed dates like the one in the “roomies” sketch?