“Law & Order” utilizes the Letterman scandal for a lesbian storyline


Law & Order is famous for ripping its storylines from headlines, so no celebrity is safe. The show is now casting for an episode based on the recent David Letterman scandal, in which he publicly announced that he had relationships with several women working on his show and was being blackmailed by one of the women’s new boyfriend.

But this is the intriguing part: The show is going to make the TV host character female, so it’ll be a lesbian-based plot. Also, the faux show will be more like The View than a late night talk program, which can only make things more interesting. Perhaps Whoopi Goldberg is available?

E! News reports that the female host (named Vanessa Carville) will be a “well-known celebrity talk-show host, married with children” that has had “a series of short-lived affairs with some of the employees on the show and up until now has managed to keep them off the radar.”

Someone will try to blackmail Vanessa with threats to expose private photos and e-mails unless she hands over $3 million.

Possible spoilers ahead!

Vanessa will then go to to DA Jack McCoy for help and will eventually decide to drop the charges to save face and the other women from being exposed. Of course, it’s Law & Order so the episode is also described as “violent” and will most likely not end with the host dropping the case. You don’t get off that easy (ask David Letterman).

What do you think will happen on the lesbian storyline? We’ll keep you posted once there is an air date announced.

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