Jessica Capshaw dishes on Calzona’s future in the hospital and in the bedroom


Thanks to @lindsaydp1 for pointing us in the direction of a great new interview with Jessica Capshaw, where she dishes on Arizona and her relationship on Grey’s Anatomy with Sara Ramirez‘s Callie.

Here’s an excerpt in which she tells about Arizona’s sexuality, her intimate future with Callie and if a wedding could be coming up for them. What’s in store for the future of Callie and Arizona’s relationship?

Jessica Capshaw: This season has been about cementing a very mature and grounded relationship and taking it forward. This is a drama, of course; there will be conflict, but for the time being, they’re enjoying being in a relationship that seems stable.

TVG: We have not seen Callie and Arizona get intimate this season. Sara Ramirez said they probably are. What’s your take on that?


Definitely, of course it’s happening. They’re in a committed relationship. It’s like the beginnings of any relationship, but I think they’re very much together and all of that is happening. I’m sure that we’ll have our time.

TVG: Callie has vacillated about her sexuality. Could that be an issue that comes up?

JC: There’s definitely ample opportunity for that to happen. Obviously the halls of Seattle Grace have been well known for missteps. These are doctors, they’re in intense situations and their personal lives follow suit. They make mistakes. They kiss the wrong people, they sleep with the wrong people, they sleep with the right people, they kiss the right people. We get to see how things unfold and if there’s forgiveness. Callie could find another guy or girl. Her playing field is vast.

TVG: Will Sloane (Eric Dane) and Arizona butt heads because they’ve slept with the same woman?

JC:In a way it’s implied that they might. Whenever there’s been a chance to play that I am intimidated by him or being standoffish, I’ve always chosen to make it very playful. It’s much more Arizona’s style to find it very amusing.

TVG: Could there be wedding bells for Callie and Arizona?

JC: There’s probably a lot more stuff that has to happen before that happens. Listen, being that I’ve been married for five years now and I’ve been with my husband for nearly eight, you have to make sure you’re with the right person and you need the groundwork to be laid. I don’t think they’re going to get married just to get married. As Arizona goes, I think she has incredible discipline and she does, as you said, have a very strict moral compass and marriage would not be something she would jump into without giving it a great amount of thought.

So it appears that Calzona will be getting more intimate emotionally, but perhaps not physically — yet. And as far as marriage goes, it doesn’t appear to be in the near future, which is actually a good thing, at least to me. It’s more fun to watch lesbian relationships play out than go straight to the, uh, straight-ness of marriage and babies.

But I could certainly do with some more bedroom scenes. I mean, they might be in the “beginnings,” but we call that “the honeymood period.” Know what I’m saying?

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